Terms & Conditions

When you complete a order on the website www.eternamentejoias.pt, you declare that you know and accept the following terms & conditions.

The following Terms & Conditions are consider an agreement between the company Eternamente Jóias – www.eternamentejoias.pt – and the person – individual or collective – who browse and purchase pieces through this website, from now on called Customer.

Both parties agree that their relationship will be ruled exclusively by the following terms of use and all the additional information available on this website.

. Security and Confidentiality

Eternamente Jóias guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data provided by the Customer during and after the buying process. The information and data provided will only be used for Customer Account Management, billing purposes and deliveries.

. Prices

The prices of our online jewellers can suffer adjustment due to unpredictable and uncontrollable changes. In this case is included, for example, the changes of the price in origin.

At all the prices of the Partners Area adds the value of the legal taxes at the invoice date – VAT -, which are borne by the buyer.

Eternamente Jóias prices can be changed with a simple notification to the customer. The new prices are applicable to all orders with delivery pending at the date of change.

. Payment

The payment should be made right after the order. When the Customer don’t pay, Eternamente Jóias have the right to cancel the order.

The pieces should be paid through the payment methods available. All the cost are entirely supported by the Customer.

. Purchase General Conditions

All the purchases made at Eternamente Jóias online jeweller are covered by the following conditions. When the Customer formalize the request, he is accepting them.

To all the values presented in this online store, in the partners area, adds the legal taxe – VAT.

. Delivers and Transports

The delivery time of Eternamente Jóias may depend on majeure force reasons. These include manufacturing accidents, supplier delays, strikes and government constraints. In these cases, Eternamente Jóias isn’t responsible for delays or the impossibility of delivery. The Customer do not have the right to cancel the order or demand any kind of compensation.

When the pieces leave our storage, Eternamente Jóias no longer have any responsibilities. Regardless of the transport used, the possible accidents and damages of a bad transportation are Customer responsibility.

Except when previously agreed or indicated in the special conditions of each piece, Eternamente Jóias assumes no transportation risk, which includes damages and deteriorations due to unforeseeable circumstances.

. Order Process

To start the purchase process, the Customer can access to our website and view all the different pieces. A detailed description and images of the piece are displayed on the product page.

The piece can be then add to the shopping list using the Buy button. The customer can add as many pieces as he wants.

After choosing all the products, the Customer can access to the shopping list and complete the order process. To do this, the Customer has to fill all the information indicated so Eternamente Jóias can process the order. It’s important to don’t forget to choose the payment method.

All the data and information of the Customer are consider confidential and will be analysed by Eternamente Jóias by the ruling legislation. The Customer can ask to change or delete his data at any moment.

. Responsability

All the jewel pieces in Eternamente Jóias online store are in accordance with portuguese legislation. Article with precious metals are duly markes, according to the Legal Regime of Goldsmithing and Contrasts. Eternamente Jóias declines any responsibility in case of violation of the legislation where the order is delivered. The Customer is responsible to verify with local authorities the conditions of importation or use of the pieces ordered. The Customer also shall undertake to comply with the general conditions of sale of the products. Eternamente Jóias is not responsible for the use made of them.

Eternamente Jóias don’t take any responsibility for damages resulting from interference, computer viruses, interruptions, malfunctions or disconnections of the system that may prevent access, navigation or provision of services to the users of the website www.eternamentejoias.pt.

. Customer and User Obligations

It’s prohibited to sell items to minor under 18 years old.

The Customers and users must comply with these conditions and respect them, committing themselves to fulfill the following obligations:

  1. It is prohibited to introduce, disseminate or store through the website defamatory, obscene, insulting, xenophobic and/or any content that violates the general principles of law and public order;
  2. Do not use false identities;
  3. Provide the personal data and correct addresses so Eternamente Jóias can process the order properly;
  4. Fill out correctly the order form, provind real and correct information;

Customer is also responsible for the veracity of the data provided to Eternamente Jóias and undertakes to advise immediately if there are any changes.

Eternamente Jóias is not responsible for any delays and impossibility of processing orders, namely in the delivery act due to errors or lack of information provided by Customer.

. Pieces Availability

All the pieces presented in our online jewelry store can be physically viewed and inspected by the authorities at our storage and headquarters.

Eternamente Jóias only processes the order after the payment confirmation. For this reason, we can not guarantee the availability of the pieces until the payment. The shipping time depends on the carrier and the destination of the order.

Eternamente Jóias only carries out expeditions on weekdays. For this reason, weekends and holidays are not counted in the estimated delivery time.

The average delivery time for Portugal is three working days when we have the piece in stock. For European Union, the delivery time increases to six working days. In the case of personalized items, the average delivery time is fifteen working days.

The delivery times above are indicative and therefore consider valid when there are no physical or structural impediments.

Any delay in the shipping does not give the Customer the right to a compensation.

The shipping orders is accompanied by the invoice.

The Customer is entitled, when the order is delivered, to open the package to verify the product is in accordance with what was ordered and does not present external defects. The right of withdrawal remains valid in cases of technical problems detected by the Customer after the delivery and in accordance with the terms provided by the law. When the Customer receive the order, he must:

. Check if the package is in perfect condition;

. Open the package, asking the courier to wait for the verification of the status;

. In the event of a visible problem or defect, Customer shall refuse receive the delivery and then fill the form for these cases;

. Return the package and the items to the carrier’s office;

. Send an email within 24 hours to report the problem to Eternamente Jóias Customer Service to geral@eternamentejoias.pt

. Cancellations, exchanges and returns

The following terms and conditions of cancellation, exchanges and returns are applicable to orders made in our online store.

The Customer may cancel the order at any time until delivery. The cancellation entitles the Customer the reimbursement of the entire payment. Upon receipt the order, Customer may exercise his right of free resolution under the terms legally provided and indicated below.

Eternamente Jóias can automatically cancel any order if the Customer don’t pay within ten days.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 7/2004 of 7th January on online commerce, Eternamente Jóias reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order whenever there is a programming error, a malfunction of the company’s electronic equipment or if the contractual offer arrives to its destination deformed and has an error in an essential element of the contract.

In the case of orders paid using credit, both partial or total, the credit agreement is automatic and simultaneously resolved, without the right to compensation (article 8 of Decree-Law 143/2001 of 26 April with the wording given by DL 82/2008, of May 20).

Eternamente Jóias allows the exchange or return of items. This request can be made without the payment of any compensation and without the need to present a reason. In order to proceed with this request, the Customer must communicate the intention in an email to geral@eternamentejoias.pt. The items must be returned within 14 days after the email, always accompanied by the original invoice and return note duly fill.  

If you wish to exchange or return an item, you can also contact our Customer Service – +351 918 083 681 or geral@eternamentejoias.pt. Our staff will provide all the information you need to return or exchange process. If an item is sent with previous contact, it will not be accepted.

The exchange and return of Eternamente Jóias’ pieces must obey to the following conditions:

. Refund of the piece in good condition, with the original package and with the respective invoice;

. Custom pieces are not available to exchange or return;

The address to which the Customer must send the piece for exchange or return will be indicated by our Customer Service.

The Customer is responsible for the correct packaging of the pieces, as well as the shipping costs.

All items will be checked at Eternamente Jóias. We will only accept the ones that obey to all the conditions. Eternamente Jóias can refuse to receive pieces that don’t fulfill the description.

If the Customer chooses to refund the amount paid, the refund will be made by the same payment method used in the order.

If you have received damaged parts or technical problems, Eternamente Jóias will arrange the collection of the parts in the items indicated, without any additional charge.

Eternamente Jóias reserves the right to charge 10 euros of administrative expenses to the Customer who makes the return of articles for errors attributable to it.

. Warranty and After-Sales Service

All Eternamente Jóias’ pieces are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of two years.

If the Customer detect any defective in the piece, he sall contact and notify our Customer Service and inform the order number and the description of the malfunction. The return and/or collecting items within the warranty time will be borne by Eternamente Jóias.

After receive the piece, Eternamente Jóias will do a technical verification and, if we verify and confirm the malfunction, we will replace the piece. In this case, we will send the new piece to indicated address without any cost to the Customer.

If the technical verification detects signs of misuse and/or any problem that may have caused by the Customer, the Customer will be contacted to understand if he wants to continue with the reparation of the piece. If it is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Eternamente Jóias will define to budget to the repair.

In the case of out-of-warranty items, Eternamente Jóias also provides technical assistance. The Customer may inform and send the defective items to our Customer Support. The pieces will be analyzed by our After Sales Service, who will issue a technical opinion and the budget for the repair. It will only be initiated after acceptance and payment by the Customer.

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