• How can I buy Eternamente Jóias pieces?

To buy our pieces on the online jewellery shop you just have to visit the product page and click on the “Buy” button. Then, you just have to click on the shopping bag icon and fill your information to process the order.

  • What are the payment methods available?

On Eternamente Jóias website you can choose between bank transfer and paypal. You have to choose the payment method before make the order.

  • How long is the delivery time?

If you choose bank transfer, the order will onde be processed after the payment. The delivery time to Portugal Continental are three working days. To European Union and islands, the delivery takes six working days. If you choose to custom your pieces, the delivery time is about three weeks.

  • How much will I pay of delivery charges?

In orders under 50€, the delivery charges are 3,90€. Orders of more than 50€, Eternamente Jóias offers have no delivery charges.

  • How can I cancel or change my order?

When the order is processed and paid on our online jewellery shop it is no longer possible to cancel or change it. Although, you can switch or return the items after you received them. In this case, you should contact our Customer Service –geral@eternamentejoias.pt or 918 083 681).

  • Do the pieces have warranty?

All of our pieces have a warranty of two years. This can only be used if there is a flaw or malfunction. Eternamente Jóias doesn’t take responsibility of damage of misuse.

  • What special cares should I have with the pieces?

To preserve the pieces, Eternamente Jóias has several advices:

. Do not use them while showering, washing hands, sleeping or playing sports;

. Avoid use them in the pool or on the beach, such as have contact with sea water and sand;

. Keep the jewelry pieces away from cosmetic products, such as perfumes, creams, lacquer and other chemicals;

. Avoid forcing the pieces and movements where they come in contact with other objects that can damage them.

  • How can I return or change an item?

To return or change a piece you have to contact our Customer Service by email – geral@eternamentejoias.pt or 918 083 681.

  • Can I customize my jewels?

If you want to customize a piece, you have to fill the Observations field when you make the order. Here you have to write what customization you want. If this isn’t possible, our Customer Service will contact you.

If you have any more doubts or if you want to become our commercial partner you can contact us by email – geral@eternamentejoias.pt or phone 918 083 681.

Eternamente Jóias

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